Skid Row

Onlookers see a street with lost hope.
Bystanders spot homeless individuals with a lost walk.
Sightseers observe dirty, greasy and sad bodies pacing.
Eyewitnesses examine the diseased builds and broken tents as house.
Viewers identify all the crime and drugs in plain sight.

Perception of addiction is sickening until you lived it.

Residents see highs on every corner.
Inhabitants look at pleasures pacing all around.
Dwellers witness relief of loss and pain.
Occupants detect a love in Satan that’s impossible to feel.
Tenants recognize a beauty that is unseen to the bare eye.

Perception of addiction is sickening until you lived it.

Come into my world and the small details have meanings that are fantasies.
Come into my world and the fantasies become life.
Come into my world and experience what true pain is.
Come into my world lose your mind into the crazy thoughts that love pain.
Come into my world feel the enjoyment of giving up your life for a “feeling”.

Skid Row has a beauty in it.
The beauty is only seen through the eyes of an addict.

F*ck Off Angie

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Tags : #addiction, #recovery, #love
Key Words : addiction, recovery, drugs, rehab, rehabilitation, crazy, insane, anger, psycho

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This Poems Story

The world of addiction looks ugly to individuals from the outside. Until you notice where we have come from or lived it you will never understand how good we thought it was. I hope you never experience it but please know there are always two sides of a story.