I’ve been stuck in this body for so long.
Can you see it in my disheartening smile?
The sorrow?
The person under my skin,
desperately wanting to breathe.
Pushing to get the layer off, to step outside
of this image I’ve created.
Despair has become my new exterior and
it's impermeable. If you were me, you could
feel it. You would start worrying about it too.
Will I ever be okay?

I’ve developed scales. On my eyes, over my heart.
I’m pushing, trying to take it off, to shuck the
layers, but fear, the elastic that keeps me in,
well it's strong. And I’ve given it strength.

Don’t tell me I lack dreams. That’s something that
I do have. The only thing. It gives me clout.
Clout to fight and on the crown of success, when
I’m pushing, when I’ve almost broken through the
layer, I get pulled back in.
Why? Elastic has a snapping point.

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Tags : fear, self, overthinking

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