Skin deep issues

My mom told me I am a Muslim, so I am clad in this attire.
Other religions are my enemies, I fear.
How did this fear emanate in me , maybe I was told by a kin.
As a newborn baby, I had no fears, no hatred and no discrimination
As a child I had no religion, everyone was my friend, however he dressed.
When I grew up, now there’s fear creeping in my nerves, will friends become foes?
Growing up is making our minds shallow
Why religions, frontiers and race are dividing us?
I envy the clouds, I envy the migrating birds- the liberty with which they fly.
No frontiers for them, no passports or visa needed, they can fly freely from Pakistan to India, or from Israel to Lebanon.
Why we humans can’t, share this earth or move around freely ?
The furious floods licked the earth and swallowed many, not asking for his religion or race, not noting the country frontiers
So did the earth quakes, storms, thunderbolts and volcanoes.
The rescuers, worked to save our lives, they did not classify us or grade our lives- there were no religion, race or caste in front of them.
So should we wait for disasters to unite us and to realize our love for our kind on earth.
How do you divide people ?By their looks?
Looks ,looks are just skin deep.
Peel the skin of all men and see- everyone will look alike-just bones, blood ,muscles and organs.

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