Skinny Dipping

Skinny Dipping

Overbearing sun
In summer’s unyielding clutch
Crushes the spirit

Oppressive heat hangs
Sweating buildings, roads, and rocks
The day at slow boil

The sun in hiding
As simmering evening falls
Though, yet, no reprieve

Cool gone from the sheets
Sweat glistening on smooth skin
Not even a puff

No solace offered
The body and mind swelter
The water beckons

Driven from the house
Night unrelentingly still
A clinging fever

Three in the morning
Beyond prying eyes
A secluded cove

Glassy, smooth surface
Two moons, one a reflection
But which one is which

Padding through the sand
One sandal, then another
Damp shirt here, pants there
Pieces of clothing trailing
Lacy things all cast aside

Standing in silence
Glistening in the moonlight
Water licks her toes

Welcoming liquid
Leisurely climbs her body
Enveloping her

Held gently in the water’s hand
Suspended effortlessly
Day’s fire drains away

Paired vermillion peaks
Face and occasional toe
Breach the water’s cloak
Buoyant and effervescent
Water wicks away the heat

Hands barely sculling
Moon and stars mute observers
Hair floating behind
The water rises and falls
With her blissful, sighing breaths

Sand cooled by moonlight
Sticks in grains to her wet skin
Glinting in dim light

Dawn will be breaking
The water’s cooling caress
A warm memory

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