Skip a Rock Across My Pain

This place is dark. I don't belong here.
Lord knows there's more to me than the shadows.
But the pain of it all, oh, the pain of it all
Drags me further under everyday like the choke of an octopus.
You see, the love of a mother, I didn't know that.
And everybody else has someone willing to skip a rock across
Their personal surface to dig a little deeper.
And I. I just wish somebody would even pick up the rock.
Just get that far so you can know me.

Each day I just sink a little deeper.
Each day I paint my skies a little darker.
Each day I wait to feel that rock.
I wait to feel it skip across my pain, those wounds
That have yet to heal,
With hopes that somebody will gather a glimpse of the depths.
Skip another rock to see the ripples get larger.
Break my surface and shatter it into a million pieces
That you may value the sharp treasures beneath!
No need to sacrifice your sweet ignorance to the nails driven in me,
Just understand that I'm like Jesus dying on Calvary!
Now it's too late. "It is finished!"
Yes, this crucifixion of a forsaken, knife-filled victim!
But I'll be okay. No, not here, but in some other place.
That sweet chariot will swing low and come to carry me there.
And the pain and the knives and not even the past will follow.

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