Skipped Childhood

A mother for twenty five years
Giving to her even when she couldn't share
I raised a baby, toddler, teen and a small amount of adult
No guidance to go by with only a bit of luck
Loving a parent that was a friend
Drinking to numb but the pain never ends
One step two three or four always coming back for more
Taking and taking and never giving back
Now she is on her death bed and I cannot look back
If only my love would have changed her
I feel lost, sad and alone
With no left to raise but my own
Being a mother for her so long
How I wish I could have been a child
To be raised by my mother for once
Maybe in another time
Where she will put me first and not think twice
There is no end to the pain
Here taking or there taking
Either way I'll lost my soul
But can you lose something you never had
Or lose something you didn't own?

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