My veins are rainbows with
the promise of God tattooed on them.
Send energy the way of old church bells
the after smell of wine.
Yesterday dreamt of me, today now I see.
See what is dead to the naked eye;
naked you always eye me. Place me in
your little black notebook and write on me
for hours. Now this is all you will have of me:
a chuck of red to know I am fire;
A slash of orange to know that I can be sweet;
a minute of yellow to know that I shine.
A second of blue to know I cry;
purple quite never made it because
that is royalty and you forgot that part of yourself.
Forbidden colors penetrate our
colorful liquid veins just to make our rain bow.
My veins are tattooed
with the promise of God tattooed on them.
Never take away from the girl who
considered suicide whose rainbows wasn't enough,
enough suicide broken girl, be a rainbow.
Be beautiful, be a rainbow and run through
my veins Be free, make my heart smile
allow my eyes to dance again. I am you, you are me. Rain on me.

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