Sky is the nostalgia for me now.

"Sky is the nostalgia for me now."
A chord, one of my friends has
whispered to me stayed in a corner of my room for days, eerily... unnoticed...
waiting to entangle in my shape if my heart beats a little faster.

And then I re-watched Midnight in Paris for the sixth time, that was when it possessed me, like an enchanted forest.
Nostalgia. Nostalgia.
My voice echoed and scattered in the empty space... marvelling the scenes of the cinema.
I asked myself,
What's to be in a sphere of nostalgia or yearning (as I call it)?
Is it hopeful or hopeless? I am not sure.
There's a line from the movie, "Nostalgia is denial - denial of the painful present..."
We, humans are always fascinated
about the times we don't belong anymore. We don't live in the present so,
it's kind of an escapism.
when I heard her saying that, I felt hopeful... to see the sky... to feel the feeling that's been lingering in her heart during monsoon and summer.
If you're wondering where I am,
I'm in the midst of both.

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