Darkness engulfs my soul to core
leaving no light for me to explore
Exploding thunders of noises behind
sinking me with memories unwind
Gossiping clouds stare at me together
pitying my soul now deep further
As melancholy winds cut my throat
oozing light leaves clouds in retort
As my rebelling eyebrows makes a quick fix
Searching the warm hand of light
That extends from its master quick
Hours have gone following the trail
Decoding her atlast as the moon of sky
Tales were spun applauding her beauty all ages
A prejudiced personification all these days?
A warrior to me she is always
soothing my cold days with her gaze
My perfect sunshines and gloomy storms
Pass through her upheld guard
caressing the sunshine and shackling the storms
The time next your eyes on her
Keep your eyes pitched above
For a true warrior rises from the trove!!!!!

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This Poems Story

The poem is about the moon who I admire everyday as a warrior than as a beauty which is a prejuduced personification since ages .