How does it feel to know I see the stars when I look in to your eyes?
I must have been an angel the way I perfected the sky.
Unbreakable, yet you shattered my lies. Unmistakable, the necessity you became to me.
When faith became weary, I escaped by looking up,
Now that you’re near me, your essence became enough.
Your being broke every toxic pattern, cycle and upset. Cheery lives repented teary eyes I no longer need the clouds, or the sunset.
5:16 the time I realized, drove past my facade, despite the disguise.
You came in with a noble smile as if you knew.
Past the golden gates, I made a deal with god.
Show me unconditional and I’ll fulfill every earthly job.
He exceeded my request.
He sent me the river, ocean, lake, and sea.
He sent me a child reflectent of me.
Unconditional love, in place of absent feelers. The clouds filled with marshmallow helium. I can feel again. What is this feeling? is it unconditional? This feeling is past that,it’s irreplaceable. Is it forever? Guaranteed

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