Away from the world
She wishes to be,
While under her favorite
Willow tree
She looks to the skies,
With tear-filled eyes
As she watches the skylark
Fly way up high;
She wishes she could be
Just as free as he
And fly away from reality
But she is needed here
On Earth,
Close to her home and her hearth
Her friends and family need her,
To protect them from their foe
And she will do just that
With her quiver and her bow;
She'll cut them down, every one
'Till at last, there are none
So when her deeds are fully done,
And her family and friends
Do not need protection from anyone,
She can lie down,
Under her favorite willow tree
Look up at the skies, one last time
Say to herself, "They'll be fine"
Then close her eyes, and cry tears filled with love
While the skylark flies
Up above.

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