Skyline of Pleasure

If I look I can see it. It feels so real; I just wonder how long it will take to get there.
All I can do is wait, wait for money, fame, and time.
I see my memories and they are golden.
This place is not just a city; it’s a skyline of pleasure
Down the streets I could walk all night
No need for sleep
I could run block after block
Never needing to stop because this city is my friend
Here nothing can harm me, not even myself.
Glitter falls from the skies lighting up the night with its flashes
They fall on me to put stars in my eyes
Through the skyscrapers to the pavement they surround
The city on water
The feel of independence
A place to run till you collapse
Rest your head on tiles of marble and streets of grey
Listen to its sound
I can see no end just building after building
Block after block of lights
Strangers surrounding you
This is when I feel most contented
Eyes everywhere but non as striking as mine
In this city I am a Primadonna
No need for love,
There’s only enough for the city and I.

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