Slave of the Ghetto

Sometimes I feel like I am a slave of the ghetto,
nobody passes by or even says hello.

Times are rough going without food,
I know that stealing is not the answer,
although I wish that I could.

Sometimes I just want to call it quits,
because I am tired of feeling like my life
is at the bottom of the pits.

Oh how I wish that I were free,
free from worrying about the bitter things in life
that have happened to me.

Daily life is just another hustle,
going from day to day pushing your way through the struggle.

I often wonder when I will stand on my own two feet,
and not have to wonder about what am I going to eat.

People in society just do not understand,
that they too might someday need a helping hand.

Just because I am not as free as I would like to be,
I still believe that there is hope for a person like me.

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