Through the North they came
And fled through the South
Through the dancing Sahara
Across the shores of Africa
They came with horses and raid our land
Taken us to a foreign land
With bond of chains slashed on our arm
All intended to do us harm
And a big rope tied to our hands
As we marched to a strange Land
Our culture they battered
And our mother's they murdered
Death rewards those who disobeyed
And so we marched without delay
Bruises full of blood on our face
As the masters increased their pace
And our eyes were blinded with the dust
in some pools of blood
Our children taken away on a ship and were sold as slaves
We were robbed
And our women raped
By the evil masters who maimed
We were taken and captured
And daily we were tortured
They came and stole our history
With nothing left but pain and misery
We were murdered and our children cried
The world became silent even when we died

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