I am very tierd, I wish I could sleep
Sometimes I feel my heart has no beat
like a parasite she takes away
As I carry her day by day
My youth, my dreams are fading away
Abortions and clinics fill my head
With freedom in time I will soon regret
I snap out of it very quickly
I stare out my window and hold my belly
Kidney stones, light rails, and cheap motels
My moms half way crazy and my father's in jail
Out on the streets im on my own
A kick in my belly im not alone
I have shoes on my feet but not much to eat
No food going in so she takes from my body
My skin gets spots and my back gets itchy
Deprived of nutrients stored within me
I open my eyes and shes here today
Her hands and her toes are so tiny
Her fingers wraped around my thumb
I feel like crying
Shes in that box with the purple lights
With a tube in her nose to help her breath
I found someone to take care of me
But till this day still wish I had sleep.

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