Sleep is one of my favorite things.
People tend to laugh when they hear me say it.
Sleep is your favorite thing?
That's not something you enjoy, it's just something you do.
But they, they don't understand.
Sleeping is my safe haven.
It's my only time where I'm safe from my on mind.
They don't understand how hard I wish for a switch
that would just turn off this itch.
They don't know how my mind races
with thoughts that all have different faces.
And how they collide together
making me even further from being better.
My mind is permanently filled with a buzz
that just won't be killed.
Sleep is my favorite hiding spot
reminding me a lot of the old hiding spot as a child.
Today I still hide going against my pride
But this time my thoughts are the seeker
and I'm still trying not to be found.

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