Sleep Paralysis

I hope one day my body won’t tighten,
my jaw won’t crack, my wrists won’t strain.
Maybe I’ll completely awaken.
I often dream of bathrooms, high schools,
my childhood home.
Like I ever would want to go back in time.
My mind knows it but my heart at times
wants to be there again.
Dreaming has been known as a supernatural connection,
divine intervention.
People listen to dreams more often than reality.
I’ve wrapped my wrists, applied pressure,
and just hope things get better with time.
Dreaming of road signs,
but not remembering what they say,
what direction they’re pointing in,
is almost as frustrating as aching sinew.
Wrapped wrists and snapping jaws don’t tell the future.
If anything they’re saying slow down,
like vague signs in dreams.
The signs could be pointing forward,
but I wouldn’t trust my subconscious
to give me directions.
I get lost in cities I know.
Navigating cracked roads, cracking bodies,
this paralysis at least won’t last.

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