Sleeping with the Emeny

Mornings comes and nights passes
As, I lay here wondering, what is it that I'm doing wrong?
My enemy disrepects me in the public.
Once we are home he realizes that I'm his bread and butter.
The emeny shows off in front of his family and friends
But when everyone leaves
Once again here come his love for you is back.
The emeney now has a sexual desirer that he wants you to attend to.
At this point you realize that he's more of a receiver than giver.
You are rolling your eyes wishing that he would be done soon.
When the emeny feels like his peace is gone.
You are now the apple of his eyes
He says, "I love you."
You on the other hand because of who you are.
You accept all of him and his messes.
As you wake up from this nightmare.
Also remember what my mother is always telling me.
What God brings together no man or woman can tear apart.

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