By Brown11   

Hello darkness we meet again. Here you come rushin in

Please stay you say, quick come this way take my hand don't be afraid let's journey off to a far lost land ok

ok I can't stand to be alone so if you care dont you dare to leave me astray.

Standing in these old cold bones, starting out into a road unknown

Unlock the door I'm ready to go knock knock knock hurry up oh no.

Like a freight train , it's insane how impactful this pain running through my legs drills it's self inside my brain.

Bang, bang, bang and the gun drops, am I to blame I hope not.

I descrenate back into my old spot into the charcoal gray.

Crossing the line of yesterday, yes I'm ok im led by faith.

Got a date with destiny to rewrite my fate, clean off the slate.

Let me start over, give darkness the cold shoulder.

Time to move on pack our bags it's over.

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This Poems Story

I wrote this poem while dealing with restlessness and insomnia.