Sleepless Baby

Sleepless baby please sleep tight I wish you may
I wish you might In the darkest hours under the
moonlight Find a place where the Angels lay and
sing to Christ Oh sleepless baby I pray your hunger
dies in the sleep you fight like falling stars over
the battle grounds of human sacrifice You share your
mothers face A splitting image tears her up inside
nothing she can say as you scream over her pain weak
and tired of flies Oh sleepless baby in hells heat your
hands and feet are cold as ice I'm mountains high and
oceans wide your in a world much too far from mines
To take you home out of the belly of the beast I dream
sometimes With children of my own its you on my mind that keeps
me at their bedsides My heart skips like my souls playing
rope with your vital signs Oh sleepless baby I sympathize
a billion times for your intensive life
polluted waters extra parasites with no ice A pretty penny
spent on the filthy rich makes no cents towards botox nose jobs and
breast lifts when your sick with no doctor it's unfit
next to your mothers side too young to know how long ago she died
how can one earth third worlds industrialized and manufactured by
power hungry greed they will never eat what they
donate to feed uncivilized civilians unsatisfied by the
trillions to selfishly succeed indulging between blurred
lines of wanting nothing you need Sleepless baby scream!
until the world wakes up from their American dreams to change
and put poverty to sleep.

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