Sleepless Hospital Nights

Sleepless nights,
Sleepless fights,
You toss and you turn,
All through the night!

You lay in the bed,
Close your eyes and pray,
Asking the Lord God,
"How much longer is my stay?"

Just be patient with treatment,
It's a reason why you're here,
Just fellowship and socialize,
Until discharge is what you hear!

If you can't go to sleep,
Maybe it's the foods that you eat,
So just sit up and talk to God,
While kicking up your feet!

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Key Words : God, christian, hospital, spiritual, mother, mom, suicidal, sleepless, night

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This Poems Story

I am a single mother, my son is 1 years old, and a mental health patient. Before I gave birth to my son, I was admitted into the hospital for being suicidal. While there I met a lady and one night it was really hard for her to sleep. So God placed this poem in my heart.