Sleepless Nights

As the sun sets, darkness rolls in,
unseen is the devils huge grin.
Another night without sleep in sight
wandering thoughts I struggle to fight.
Annoyed and awake I toss and I turn,
I close my eyes to eliminate the burn.
Time slowly ticks on by,
I need some sleep, I try and try.
Nothing is helping what can I do?
I listen to music and jam to the tune.
I'm still wide awake an hour later
I bow my head and pray to our creator.
Oh dear lord
please help me sleep,
delete these thoughts that creep and creep
I need a minute or two to rest my weary eyes
please ease my mind, I pray to you, please hear my cries
Motionless I lay in bed
what comes in a few hours, something I truly dread.
A glimpse of light peers in through my window,
betrayed my morning light, I smother myself with my pillow.
No hope in sight,
No more can I fight
its the end of another sleepless night.

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