Sleepless nights

Sleepless night
I can't sleep at night
I walk about through this sleepless night
My mind is wondering,
Just wanna sleep sleepless night
Whatever it is that's keep me from sleep
Let me pray to make it right
So I can sleep tonight on this sleepless night
Lord please
I have to many of these
I can't take it
I wanna sleep and put my mind at ease
Scared I won't wake
Is my life at stake?
I know it's yours to take
If I fall to sleep will my soul you'll keep
Lord I don't wanna die tonight, please
I just want to sleep
I pleading Lord please
Sleepless night I wish I may I wish I might
I'm gonna make it
I'm not dying tonight
Your not ready for me right
I close my eyes
My minds at ease
I can rest
It was just a test
Tonight got the best
I'm gonna sleep
No longer a sleepless night
I fought it
with all my might
I gave it to the Lord I made it right

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