A wanderer, sleepwalker, lost soul

She moves through time with no purpose
Drowning, with no view of the surface
The epitome of hate
Oblivious to her inevitable fate
Longing for a future but it's too late
Seizing nothing and watching it pass by
Falling through the sands of time

Now she only waits for Death to take her
A flower in her hand as reality shakes her
The red rose reminds her of what could've been
But now, she only sees the reaper's grin

It's time to go now; nothing left behind
Black tears on her face, defining lines
She's done nothing with her time on the earth
Sleepwalking until she's part of the dirt

Once a strong woman, but tragedy has taken the reins
Sadness coursing through her veins
She takes the skeleton hand, cold and unforgiving
She's just another casualty of the life we're living

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