Sliced Fruits

In my house
No matter how many times I check the weather
I will not know if it will rain
When it rains I will not know if it will drizzle or pour
Or whether I can weather the storm
In my house
No matter how quiet I am
The neighbors make noise complaints
The looks on their faces are strange
It’s thanks to you that I can write from a place of pain
I can’t wait until the day I turn eight-
Teen so I can flee and be who I want to be
And you ask me
What do you want to be when you grow up?
I tell you I don’t know but I do
When I grow up I want to build a house
In my house
There doesn’t have to be enough
But we can always say we have love
And my children can count on us
To feel safe and sheltered from bad weather
I will be an umbrella instead of a rain cloud
My voice a soothing pitter patter instead of booming thunder
And I will bring them sliced fruits
But I will tell them “I love you” too

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