Watching the memories come and go like a slideshow. Seeing
viewing all the good and the
bad from all tge times I went
mad or was sad or even the infamous amount of laughing to the
point of crying. It surpries
me how much I remember. It
makes me miss those times, especially the moments shared with
friends and family and at times I wish things can go back to
those simpler days of before double digit years. Then again
I appreciate all the things
I've met and all the things I've
learned. Looking through the memories I can see how I have
grown and matured, the people that've came and gone, the
experiences that I've had and shared.
It kind of makes me feel old due to the
fact that it makes me realize that
despite all the hards times
everything happens for a reason,
even if you don't realize it at first.
It's either that or I
have an old soul. Which now that i am looking at it again,
the second makes more sense.
It's nice to look back. Now that
I have; how about you the reader, sit back, close your eyes,
take a deep breath, relax, and review your slideshow.

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