You came into my life
And sweep me off my feet
But everything we had was built off lies and deceit
How can I be at peace ? I loved you so much
You were living a double life it was all made up.
You want me to trust you but I don't know how.
Now I'm in a rush everything is crushing down
And once again your nowhere to be found
I try to take a deep breath but the air is to thick
I'm suffocating in my mind and nothing makes sense
Here we go back at it again
Saying " It will be aright there is no need to cry"
So once again I come running back to you
Carrying all the heartache you took me through
Why is it so hard me or you?
I guess I'm not worth it I still can't choose
I cry every night but still want more
God showed me the answer he pointed to the door
Instead of the door I hit the floor confused
and alone stumbling around
Why am I so lost you showed your real colors
but I replaced them with rainbows I choose to cover
Everything is great I keep on saying not really understanding
those words are enabling
Me to move on and truly be free away from you and everything
I'm looking through my life a broken glass
We are not meant to be together and now I understand
Like a volcano destroying the peace which use to be
Before there was ever a you and me

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