Slobber Slop

Up the road from where we lived some children came to stay
My parents knew their grandma well, they talked 'most every day
A happy boy, a little odd but always was so kind
I never was ashamed to say he was a friend of mine
His sister was my brother's age the boy younger than me
Products of a broken home back than a rarity
His drool was always running down, he couldn't make it stop
The other kids poked fun at him, they called him Slobber Slop
I never saw him fight no one, I never saw him cry
His sister did, my brother did, and sadly so did I
Two years went by their dad came back, time for them to fly
His eyes teared up while at our house as he hugged us all goodbye
I lived my life, I took a wife, we bought a brand new home
Out of the blue one day a knock, my how he had grown
Six foot three, two twenty five, a mountain of a man
His drool had stopped
His tears had not
He reached and took my hand
He'd never forgot the kindness shown though we were miles apart
The love we shared as boyhood friends
Still lived within our hearts

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