Slope of Beauty

By Michael   

Slope of Beauty

My love
Please do not be alarmed
That my faint lovers glance
Be upon your face

And silhouettes of kindness
Emulate from the slope of your frame
That my attentive stare has not robbed
But merely given reverence to beauty

My love be kind
As I am not as gentle the man
You once thought me to be
Though serenades may find themselves
Laid prostate before your feet.

This advent to an adventure;
Thus endure and be endured
To all that we find homage
As only love can secure

Not a spoken word
Nor as the spoken heard
Shut up consonants crown and cast all verbiage to dungeons lair
Oratory is useless when intimacy needs not the pair.

So I look to you for this, my love
The gift of this experience
Do not turn away your lovers response
Or look grimly to my rationed cause

And if my petition falls well upon you
May our attrition lend itself to obscurity
That I may attain this knowledge of a lifetime.
In understanding the slope of your beauty.

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This Poems Story

To look upon someone whom you care deeply for and the emulation of deepness of emotion that words at times do not have the potency to properly explain