Slum Lord

You think it's funny to throw your money in people's faces?
I have seen some of your rental houses--
They are run-down trashy places,
Always telling your tenants you are going to fix;
But your words are hollow and empty,
You are a crook that doesn't give a damn about anybody but himself,
Pretending to be a good "Christian man,"
But you don't ever seem to understand,
Wealth and riches are not about money,
Or how many people you can trick into selling their houses to you.
So you have cattle? My grandaddy did too;
So you are a millionaire?
And? I really don't care,
I don't need money in my world!
You take and take from all of these people,
Thinking we can't see you are a snake, a thief and a liar,
Sleeping with tenants you know can't pay their rent,
Yeah, I've heard all about it,
You look down your nose at people walking on the street,
And have taught your boys the same shameful ways,
But still pat them on the back and tell them it's okay,
You and the way you are is a disgrace,
I refuse to judge.
But you, the biggest slum lord in Las Animas Colorado
Needs to be put in his place!

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