Small Infinty

Small Infinity

And, on the bright night of the falling stars,
My melting heart craves for you.
Because the stars are pretty, and so is the moon,
But, nothing is prettier than you.

And when and when, I feel the universe,
It recites the tale of its pain.
It attacks my heart to not find you here,
But, I still want you again.

But when the limitless stars twinkle,
I hold my breath for a while,
Together we built our small infinity,
That never failed to make me smile.

The mysteries hidden behind our stars,
I wonder if they are true.
But nothing could ever change,
The way I feel about you.

As I gazed above, in the sky so dark,
I found a shooting star,
Closed my eyes and made a wish,
That I could heal your every scar.

And today, I stay here longer,
And go on questioning the moon,
Of why wasn't I enough for you,
That you left me so soon?

And as the stars lose their hopes,
They keep falling down the sky,
And yes, my darling, it's the same way,
I fell for your every lie.

The stars have faded sparkles,
The moon has revealed its fear,
I wait and wait and wait for you,
But my darling, you're still not here.

But when you return, just ask the moon,
For how long did I stay,
And, now my soul has merged with the stars,
FOREVER I have gone away.

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