Small poems for the small mouth

Do you find yourself with an increased sensitivity to iron?
Kept awake by the euphony of bells on the night wind?
Do you feel hopeless? isolated? ravenous?
These may be symptoms of a rare condition.
Look into the still surface of the ocean to find out more.

place the tincture on your teeth, feed as the bottle recommends.
Do not operate under heavy truths while taking.

If you find yourself succumbing to odd cravings please stop taking immediately.
Ask your physician if ethereal damnation is right for you.

patrons under gilded tounges have foreseen the ruination of empires,
experienced cluster headaches and spoken the divine.

When consumed in conjunction with eye’s blinded by pride you may notice an unadulterated sense of apathy.
This may be due to a lack retained humanity your childhood of lost innocence has caused.
There is no need for alarm this is to be expected.

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