small world

To sit back an watch what you did,
letting karma do your work
you were pretty slick

had me fooled right before my eyes,
just like magic this was no surprise

i dont get it whats it worth, payback
for what i did this i dont deserve

ill take back my life and carry no shame
not looking over my shoulders feeling like im the
one to blame

this is my life ill live it my way
shhhh theres not much more i can say

disliked by many, hated by most, and loved
by few, turning the tables around you wouldnt
last in my shoes

folding with one step looking at where you are
feeling my pain wearing my scars

laughing now as the jokes on you, hate
how you feel i bet you do
fucking sucks now you know just what
i went through

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This Poems Story

feeling like the world around me is one big reality fantasy game and its being played by with the public.