We all smile.
What is a smile anyways?
We smile when we are happy, sad, angry or even lost.
A smile can say a lot,
yet hide so much.
Do you understand the difference between smiles?
Can you see the pain they hide?
Or do people hide well behind their mask?
Sure, someone might have a smile that can melt your heart;
however, what they hide behind the smile,
is pain and anger.
You might feel better if they just told how they felt
but truth is they hide the pain
because it is so easy to say they are FINE!
But for once wouldn't they like help with the pain?
So they don't have to hide behind a fake smile for one more day.
Don't they want someone to hug them
and tell them that they matter and they are loved?
People mask all their troubles with a smile
they show fake emotions that they truly lack.
Smiles say a lot
and if you take the time to really look at one's smile
you might just see the true emotions behind the mask.

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