There's something about that smile
That makes me wander into fantasies
Where you are the prince and I am your princess
And we live together in a nice big castle
We leave the lights on when we make forts
Out of sheets and blankets
And we kiss under the safety of our young minds
Where we can dance carefree under the bright sun
On green grass that gently brushes our bare toes
And the water is always sweet and we're never hungry
Because the fruits of our love keep us full
And we will get drunk off of the love we have for each other
And never see a day where we're apart
Where we hold hands
And our shoulders brush gently
As waves dance next to us
We'll lean in for our kiss
And know it won't be our last
So many things swirl around my dreamland
In the confines of my mind
When I look at that smile
And know that it's a special smile
Made just for me to think about these beautiful things

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