By Brown11   

it's cloudy today, the sky above looks dark and gray.

Dose it really matter if it's going to rain as long as we have faith that's all going to be ok?

So in one way or another we all stumble, we all studder, eventually we'll fumble just remember it gets better.

Life is how we make it, our acquired tools help us mold it and shape it.

Can it happen over night ?
Only as an illiousion at a distant sight!

Who we are today is a reflection from yesterday, do we dare ask ourselves to parpare to go a different way.

How do we change our view, honestly look at your shoes, from the time there on the floor to the time you hit the door there in accord with a similar cue.

At last the rain has faded, the gray clouds have dissipated

As we stand there in our shoes the ones in familiar cue

We look up and see a beautiful view,
What's transformed from the storm glistens from the misty dew.

So smile at the rainbow ? hovering over you.

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This Poems Story

My mom was down after having to make a difficult decision, and I had a friend who was blessed with a reason to smile ? so out of the thoughts that spring out of my mind this poem was created