Just smile they said
it will be over soon,
don't listen to what they are saying about you,
it's not true.
Does any one actually see how lost I am?
Swimming in water over my head,
I can't breath, i'm drowning.
The words they call me,
banging against my head,
trying to escape.
Can you see I'm struggling?
Trying to ignore all the words she hears...
stupid, worthless, fat, ugly.
She goes home in tears,
trying not to let her parents see what's wrong,
they think i'm fine, and thats okay but really Im not.
Everyday I feel like i walk into a room full of mirrors,
all I sees is bruises and a room full of judgemental
hypocrites, people who cant accept themselves,
taking it out on people who are weaker than thereselfs
You'd think going home will be different,
that you would feel safe that they'll treat her better.
Please don't make dad mad
because when dad gets mad it begins,
kicking and fighting, screaming for help but nobody is listening.
Igniting her, thinking she is worth anything,
so why should they help her?
I want you to sit and think,
if that was you in her shoes wouldn't you want help too?

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