We walk through the streets, not daring to look.
We keep our heads down; like the ground is a book.
Inside is a longing to reach out, to feel
A sense of belonging, a love that is real.
We are all so alike, so much is the same
Why don't we just talk, ask your neighbor his name?
This social rule that says make it on your own,
Keep to yourself; don't let your feelings be known.
But as apart and disconnected we may seem,
If you look up, wires are as thick as a beam.
For as separated as we are, isolated we are not.
Why has society this separation brought?
We ought to come out of our shells just to see
Whether or not friends we could be.
How lighthearted a smile from someone makes us.
No reason to question, no cause to fuss,
Such a simple gesture with such great impact,
Makes you wonder why more don't act
On an impulse of kindness to brighten her day.
Society dictates we should act this way.
A rule is a rule, isn't it so?
But, how many others have you let go?
Maybe it starts with me, I'll pass it you.
You give it to her; it'll spread to a few.
So, walk through the streets and smile you may.
I give you permission to brighten the day.

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