Bored, depressed and repressed
Sound different but taste the same when fully dressed
Monotonous strolling for hours and miles
Showers of liquor just make emotions turn thicker
Jobs and houses only please the likes of sentient mouses
For if you feel alone in a room full of people prepare yourself to feeling alone when your all on your own
Chill your body just to reheat
No meaning nor a goal for leaning retreat
When I met your smile it defrosted my brain
And I realize a reason to smile
I sat with you merely two hours
Yet gained hope left unseen many a season
I felt flawfully similar in many a way
The knowledge of you I gained in a month
Surpassed anything I had ever touched
Something in your soul finally gave me hope
And when I learned how you felt the same
It beat any earthly, tangible dope
The though my first smile had you feel the same
Gave an indescribable feeling Ill never have again.

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