I have traveled the earth
for miles and miles,
and found things little worth,
warm friendly smiles,
Over strange foreign lands,
by great lakes and deep seas,
always are welcoming hands,
with kind smiles to please.
It's the language of the universe,
be you brown, black or white,
and translates in rhyming verse,
in bright day and dark night.
For a smile is sweetly made.
of understanding so kind,
seeking congenial trade,
and can be seen by the blind.
It's an offering of friendship,
and most pleasing to own,
for both strangers and kinship,
and to grow must be sown.
In the heart it begins,
and can vanquish a fear,
with wide happy grins,
stretching from ear to ear.
And if all the vast world,
were offered to me,
not all its' glittering gold,
is more precious to see.

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