Smiling Buddha

I detect a teardrop hiding
Behind poised eyes meditating,

But Buddha keeps smiling (wryly)
Exquisitely engraved in ivory-
Tusk, plucked off a gentlest soul
Tossed aside with a bullet hole!

But Buddha keeps smiling
Exquisitely engraved in ivory (shining)
Behind poised eyes meditating,
I detect a teardrop hiding,

But Buddha keeps smiling!
Exquisitely off a gentlest soul.

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This Poems Story

Born and raised in Ceylon (Sri Lanka), I currently live in Tennessee with my husband and three amazing children. I have loved elephants even as a child and admire their intelligence, loyalty and ability to work alongside humans. Watching a documentary film, I was deeply disturbed to learn the plight of African elephants in the wild-killed mercilessly by poachers just for the tusks as source of ivory. The irony that image of Buddha-the spiritual leader of A himsa-carved on ivory, being in high demand in the far east, stirred me. The poem "Smiling Buddha" was thus inspired.