Smitten Knot

Very is the rose red
Butterflies are beautiful
Nature and undefiled is honey red
So also the day is beautiful

So also thou precious you are
Fragrance and balmy is the smell of your throat
Thou make you wonderful as you’re
Thousands of steepy mountain may falleth

But thy love grow like bamboo in the hill
So like the stream that flows in your dream
In heart thy love stretch like knot ‘nd point of your heel
Come lay your heart upon the ream

Of my heart, is the treasure of your love be
Come live with me and let us be

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This Poems Story

The poem "Smitten Knot" is a typical example of Elizabethan sonnet; it's arranged in iambic pentameter. The contextual meaning of the poem expresses love, and also embellish the tone in how nature is pronounced.