The glowing ends
Of this interaction between you and I fizz out to a black stub.
The trail of damage crumbles behind your fingertips.
My insides, and my outsides,can only take so much heat.
"They"can all see how you used me.
I was always in your space,
Floating in the air around you.
I thought I had your nose wide open,
But you never inhaled that deep.
Boxes full of numbers and memories you've refused to keep.
I jumped at the flick of your finger,
Assuming you were addicted.
And yet, reality displayed my fixation for your mouth.
You were the hot lighter
To my tobbacco ego.
I let you pull roots from the fertile soil
I've proven to have taken care of best.
My business killed many men.
But you quit me by the stained skin of your teeth.
Now, I lay on the slate tiles,
A hot amber writhing pile of ashen desire,
Choked up and breathless.
Malignant sentiments of you
Grew in my bosom,
Scratched at my lungs,
And tore down my esophageal lining.
I cough up your name,
A phlegmy myth spread through all of me.
I am the living lesson,
I am the statistic.

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