As the smoke clears away
I still hear you say
That I care for nothing
Always wrong for something
Telling me yes and telling me no
You'll be gone like I told you so
I'm not some puppet and string
I'm not buying you a diamond ring
You were once my world and my light
But now you're nothing but a painful sight
Memories dead and locked away
Because you took my heart and broke it that day
The romance faded and over
Wipe my tears and shrug my shoulder
Watch you sleeping this last night
As this candle burns its last light
To the point where it's out of sight
And as the smoke clears away
You'll be watching me walk away
You said you wanted me to stay
That's not what I heard you say
With ashes I'll fall and fade
You've shattered what we made
So by the time that you've woke
I'll be gone like smoke

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