Smokey Iris

By Maggie   

All she ever wanted to do
was help
instead felt worse,
As if her whole world was
about to melt.

She doesn't know right from wrong.
Sarcasm from how he felt,
weak to then becoming strong.

A world yet to become broken,
as if the light in your eye,
slowly became faded.
You look at her
and begin to cry.
wondering how...
wondering why...

And then you could think back.
Back to a time when there were
And now the darkness in her
eyes become her chapel.

Where she could worship
without judgment.
Where she could feel peace,
and not punishment.

Where there lies her sole.
Covered in what used to be whole.
What used to be fixed
What used to be hers.

And in all the black
she could feel something
she wasn't all alone.
There was always someone.
She could feel it in her bones.

She could listen as they
tired to comfort her
telling her to "Shape up
little girl, be careful"
but she would never listen.
Voices in her head,
the ones that missed him,
the one that cut her off,
like a piece of thread.

She watched the starts
move fast,
while she'd lay down in her bed,
in a silent awakening,
here in here coffin,
her tears bled.

A ruckus of a slumber,
a wild chase,
for her to re-awake,
back from her chamber.

And in a mind so lost,
yet so alone,
she wasn't sure,
to hear the ringing
or to pick up the phone.

All she did was sleep.
In a mind of forgotten dreams,
a slumber of peace,
only to re-awake,
to world of wishes,
that make believe.

And she tried to keep her smile,
but it got lost so often,
it went away for a while.
She followed the voices only
to find
A lonely chamber that lie hollow.

To keep her peace, she lay
to only keep her safe,
she went away.
She left with a goodbye
and no one would watch her
face, as she turned to leave
with broken eyes,
she felt she couldn't breath.

She left as if it were a lie.
A lie which kept the stars
Which kept them alive

And she lay silent
as the night rushed by
And waved to the starts
to say

In a silent slumber
a mind of peace
A world left broken
full of disease.

Her eyes burned.
They filled up so much
Her cheeks left red,
but it wasn't lush.

It was the ones inside her
The ones that keep her up
every night.
The ones that make wrong
seem right.
The ones that see darkness
in light.

And if she were to move,
it would be graceful.
But if she were to talk,
she would wish to
become forgetful.

If you asked her if she
was okay,
She would say,
"Oh yes. I am alright"
But inner thoughts would
I wants suicide.

So if she could feel
It wouldn't be black.
If she could feel nothing,
would she let it all go,
just like that?

Misty her eyes become for a
waterfall mind
for blistering lies,
left her broken inside.

So she hushes up
But never feels quite enough
So when people ask,
Why are you quite
She would say,
"I don't know, it's just
stuff" and maybe to
"Why don't you tell me
about it"
Then I'll remind them,
"I thought silence was

The love inside her eyes
slip away.
And the love she receives,
it slowly fades away.

But after, you start to cry
so is she happy?
Or is smiling a lie,
to only cover up what was
on the inside.
to only feel to much
but maybe not enough,
It is a pain
a curse.

Love is my lie,
it will be my hearse.

To open your eye
in the end match,
to say game over,
to say, "you died"
what would it look

Like the starts in the night?
Or like fog that covers up
the whole sky.
She would look tired,
in her lonely eyes.
Like color from her heart,
black, would be stipped
as they would look
deep inside to only
find a
Smokey Iris.

Of which she couldn't
cry anymore.
Her shades of blue and
green taken,
and what for?

To prove a point
or to tell a lie.
Somewhere in between,
it would only leave her
to cry.

But found lying in
her coffin.
A silent tomb.
But a dream world
where no one could
be stopping.

No more thoughts.
No more tears.

No more long talks,
No more fears.

In her eye,
a smokey iris
was a symbol

Of how she said

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This Poems Story

The poem is a representation of what we all go through. Smokey Iris is mostly about teens and our mental break downs, and in this poem, I use the word She and just to inform, I refer to myself, and any other girl going through emotional struggles as I.