Sweet, sweet sorrow encompasses me.
I'm sorry that I wasn't really sorry.
For a while, you were my giving tree.
I took and I took, I never gave back.
On your own you managed to keep things on track.
I pray that I haven't doused your inner blue flame.
Little firefly, who shall remain unnamed.
You were captured as you shone bright in the night.
I locked you inside my jar with the lid sealed on tight!
But now, everyday is the same old bland.
It's like going to the beach and only finding sand.
Day after day and night after night,
I hope that soon you will rekindle your light!
I know your wings are broken but don't be afraid to try.
Don't you remember what it feels like to fly?
Once, you lit up brightly.
You were all aglow, but now you just sit in the quiet dark like someone I don't know.
For me, you'll always be the one with the brightest gleam.
And as I free you from your jar, I hope you remember your dreams.
I pray that above all else, I haven't smothered your beam.

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