Do you hear the screams?
No, because you’re too worried about how other people view you.
Did you hear her say she needed you?
No, you were too busy reading your favorite “Love story”.
No one realizes until it’s too late.
No one sees the things she goes through,
No one hears the monsters in her head.
Here’s a wakeup call,
Those monsters don’t live under the bed they live inside your head.
You can try to drown them but it will not work,
You can try to stop listening but they will only get louder.
They exist to defeat you.
Their goal is to make you snap.
Those monsters are the same thing as poison.
They fill your head with thoughts of self-hate,
They fill your thoughts with reasons life is worthless,
Reasons you are worthless.
Now it’s about to happen,
They’ve pushed you to the breaking point and SNAP.
You snap.
Your heart starts racing as much as your mind does.
Tears fill your eyes,
You’ve reached the edge and there’s no time to question it,
You want it to end but you know it can’t
So, you back away.
They try to help,
They try to understand,
They try to fix you.
Screaming the names of things that are “wrong” with you.
Depression, Bipolar, stress, anxiety, OCD.
All those words mush into the same thing,
“Stop trying”, “You’re unfixable”.
All you want to do is give up.
You’re tired of fighting.
You’ve fought for so long.
You don’t want to hurt anyone,
It’d be easier,
Easier isn’t always better.
The monsters they’re back again,
They keep pushing and pushing,
And this time you just SNAP.
In one second.
One moment.
With one breath.
One thought.
You snap.
Don’t let yourself get there.
Fight the monsters,
Fight the people,
Fight the voices,
Fight the pain,
Get help.
Listen to those people.
Don’t push them away let them in.
Let them help so you don’t…

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This Poems Story

This dives deep into my mental illness experiences and hopefully gives someones a little hope.