It’s for your own good.
Snap snap.
You could’ve avoided this.
Snap snap snap…
I lose track of how many times.
How many times the thick leather belt snaps my back.
My bare, burning back.
He says it’s for my own good.
He’s fixing me, making sure I know my mistake.
I know what I did wrong.
I passed through his view when he had a bad day.
My mistake.
I’m too used to it.
I know not to scream. Not to cry.
If I do, he’ll just hit harder.
He’s bigger, stronger, smarter.
I’m smaller, weaker, scared.
I let myself think of my mother.
How he did the same thing to her, probably much worse.
She took it so I didn’t have to.
He says he does it because he loves me.
The next time he brings up the belt, I think quickly.
No, i’m not thinking. I just act. A primitive act.
Something inside me just…

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