Crunch, crunch, crunch
I am walking
Pushing my way through snow

Snow falling just like October leaves
The time, oh how it has past
Changes, everywhere

Bright red falls
Spreading through the snow
Staining the purity

Was it ever really pure?
Glass shattered across the floor
You’re holding a piece, blood covered

My lost cause,
What have you done?
Why have you done this to yourself?

I want to hold you
All I’ve ever wanted to do
To make you better, let you be okay

Yet you back away, Scared
You tell me
“Its not my blood”

I look down, blood pooling at my feet
Pouring out of a gaping whole
On the left side of who I am

“I told you not to love me,
Because love is stupid”
You yell at me

I’m falling down
This time to hit the floor
No longer in a bottomless love

The never ending pain of loving you is gone
The weight has lifted
Just as my eyes close


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