Snow Day

Looking outside, flittering flakes,
white blanket covered the ground when I found myself awake.
Sight unexpected, eyes glimmered in grace
at the display of the snow outside our place.
Jubilant jumps, walls couldn't keep bound
when the untouched surface outside made its silent sound.
Door flung open, covered hair to feet,
prepared for powder, my two hands to greet.
Landscape untouched, no feet trod
the whitened surface on top hardened sod.

What does such canvas desire?
What such perfection, potential, inert, inspire?

Each footstep, a blemish on virgin facade
devoting its pure, holy life to God.
Thrown ball cradled by light, spotless plane
pokes holes in the cloud until all innocence drain.
Snow angel, wings made of whitened gold,
reveals sloshy dirt below tale surface first told.

Looking intently, my options made known:
explore and discover, or leave it alone.
The one rewards, but at a great cost;
the other, no joy, but nothing is lost.

Looking outside, snow back to earth,
contemplating how much the decision was worth.
Never to try is never to risk,
but now left wondering what might have been missed.

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